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The John Paul Jones Flag T-Shirt 2023

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During the Battle of Flamborough Head (fought off the coast of England), the British frigate HMS Serapis, captained by Richard Pearson, and the USS Bonhomme Richard, captained by John Paul Jones, became entangled side by side and proceeded to blast holes in one another until both ships were severely damaged. It's said the Bonhomme Richard had so many holes in it you could see right through from one side to the other and British cannonballs were flying right through.

During the entanglement, Captain Pearson asked Captain Jones if he was ready to surrender and Jones famously replied, "I have not yet begun to fight!"

Despite the heavy damage, it was Captain Pearson who had to surrender, as the USS Alliance joined the fight and continued the blasting of the Serapis. 

As John Paul Jones sailed the captured Serapis into the closest Dutch port, a dispute erupted between the Dutch and British governments.  The dispute included claims of piracy, Ben Franklin and more than a little gamesmanship but the result was the creation of the unique flag featured on the front of this tee which allowed the Serapis to be kept as a spoil of war. 

For more of this amazing story, click here or search for "Serapis Flag".  In the meantime, grab this tee and honor your naval history!

Part of our Freedom Overwatch collection!
This navy blue T-Shirt is 100% cotton

Soft printed design for the ultimate in comfort and style

Available in Size S-4X

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